Wiener Konzerthaus

Schewa Kehilot - שבע קהילות

Photo of Esterhazy Castle in Eisenstadt main entrance
Foto: Schloss Esterhazy © Esterhazy Betriebe GmbH / Andreas Hafenscher
Photo of Esterhazy Castle in Eisenstadt main entrance

In 2022, for the first time, an exhibition in the Moreau Hall of Eisenstadt Castle will be devoted to the role of the princely family as patrons of the so-called "Seven Communities".
This means that hitherto little-known and little-researched aspects of Jewish history in the former Esterházy dominions in what was then western Hungary will be on display. On display are historical documents and publications, plans, maps and objects, most of which were previously unknown, which provide multifaceted insights into the living conditions of the Schutzjüdinnen and -jews in their communities.

In November and December 2023, Esterházy Palace can only be visited Tuesday to Friday as part of a winter tour at 11.00, 13.00 and 15.00.



Palace quarter in Eisenstadt Esterházy Palace

Schloss Esterházy
7000 Eisenstadt

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